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Texas  License To Carry a Handgun (LTC)


You should review the eligibility requirements for a concealed handgun license before taking the class or applying with the state.

You must be:

  1. 21 years of age (18 if active or former military)

  2. Legally eligible to purchase a handgun from a federally licensed dealer.


You must not be:

  1. Convicted of a felony (there are a few exceptions)

  2. Convicted of class A or class B misdemeanor within the last five years.

  3. Convicted of disorderly conduct within the past five years.

  4. Charged with a felony, class A or B misdemeanor or disorderly conduct.

  5. A fugitive from justice.

  6. Delinquent in child-support payments, or in paying taxes.

  7. Incapable of exercising sound judgment.

  8. A chemically dependent person.

  9. Currently subject to a protective order.




If you need further clarification please contact Texas Department of Public safety.


All firearms brought into the classroom must be unloaded and in a case.


This class is required for receiving a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC).

 It consists of four to six hours of classroom lecture, a handgun proficiency test and a final written exam. Depending on class size the total time for the class runs 4 1/2 to 5 hours.


Class subjects:

  1. Laws that relate to weapons in the use of deadly force

  2. Handgun use and safety.

  3. Nonviolent dispute resolution.

  4. Proper storage practices

  5. Handgun proficiency test


Handgun proficiency test:

-This is NOT a shooting class, it is a proficiency test. You are required to know how to safely operate, load, unload and fire your handgun.

-For handgun proficiency test you will need a handgun appropriate for self-defense, 50 rounds of factory ammunition for this handgun.

-During the proficiency test the instructor will be observing your ability to safely load unload and manipulate your firearm.

-If you fail the proficiency test you may retake it at the end of class. There will be an additional range fee. You will need 50 rounds of ammunition for each test.


Failure to follow safety rules may result in your being removed from the range

Failure to follow instructions may result in your removal from the range

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