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How to Choose Your Holster for class

0nly two methods of carry are allowed, a strong side belt holster and purse holster. Cross draw or shoulder holsters are not allowed as this will point your handgun in an unsafe condition. A good belt is essential for comfortable daily carry but for class any sturdy belt will do.

 The holster needs to:

1,handgun stays in the holster when it is supposed to.

2, Cover the entire trigger guard.

3, Stay open so you can re-holster with one hand.


If you have a common handgun you can pick up a suitable holster at Academy.  For the price Fobus is a good option for class.

The Fobus is inexpensive and sufficient for the class but not one you will want to use daily.

Or order one online

Blade-Tech can also be found locally at Top Brass on Hwy 59 South in Stafford.

A little more expensive, but good for any training you may take; the Tech-lok belt attachment is handy to


Online at

 I DO NOT recommend a Black Hawk Serpa or any holster that has a mechanical lock that uses the trigger finger to release.